BESANTEK BST-CBF01 Circuit Breaker Identifier

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BESANTEK Circuit Breaker Identifier comprises of The Receiver and the Transmitter. The transmitter (Tx) draws a current from the mains supply circuit to which it is connected to. The signal current from the Tx is at about 10kHz. This current is then searched by the receiver to detect the Fuse, circuit breaker or the faulty circuit. The receiver is a tuned circuit which has its centre frequency tuned to about 10kHz. The sensor is located at the tip of the receiver. The amplitude of the receiver of the received signal is shown on a bar graph type LED's. The more LED's are ON, the stronger the signal.


● Find fuse, circuit breaker, earth fault and trace cable.
● Signal strength by sound.
● Signal strength on bar graph.
● Low power consumption.
● Lightweight, robust and compact.
● Battery ok indicator on LED.
● Small and rugged enclosure.
● Auto-off.
● Fused.
● Accessories: Instruction manual, soft pouch and battery.