BESANTEK BST-MT299 Digital Voltage And Continuity Tester

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BESANTEK Digital Voltage and Continuity Tester is an LCD type voltage tester which can measure AC and DC voltage (including the three-phase alternating current) measurement, phase of three-phase AC power indicator, on-off test, RCD test, single pen measurement, self checking, no battery detection and other functions. Suitable for: smelting, electronics, manufacturing, defense, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry. Also used to solve complex problems of electronic, factory automation, power distribution and electrical equipment in.


● Voltage (AC/DC) test.
● Continuity measurement.
● RCD test.
● Polarity detection.
● Phase rotation test.
● Self-inspection function.
● Illumination function.
● Low battery warning indicator.
● LCD voltage and frequency display.
● LCD backlight.
● Auto-ranging.
● IP65 protection.
● Accessories: Instruction manual and batteries.