BESANTEK BST-CBF02 Circuit Breaker Finder With GFCI

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BESANTEK Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI, it automatically indicates the right breaker and with the help of the GFCI tester, the wiring can also be verified if it’s correctly wired or if it isn’t, it will indicate which of the 5 fault condition exists in the system. Suitable for house, office, factory power network reconstruction, etc.


● Quick and accurate detection of circuit breaker locations.
● GFCI socket testing.
● Sensitivity control suitable for various signal strengths.
● Audio and visual indicators through LEDs and buzzer.
● Low battery warning indicator.
● NCV test.
● It can withstand impact of dropping from 2 meter height.
● Lightweight, robust and compact.
● Accessories: Instruction manual and battery.